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The Value Of A Shoulder Bag For A Woman And Her Fashion

What is an outfit without accessories? It is like a house without furniture. Accessories tend to enhance the features of your look. Some are even functional to organize the look. This is probably one reason why women love to collect accessories. Aside from shoes, jewelry and belts, women particularly those in the corporate world are not content with their ensemble without their handy shoulder bag.

There is a perfect for every occasion. This is why most ladies have a collection hidden in her closet. Just like shoes and belt, she has every color and sizes to match her outfit. She simply could not get enough of it. Shopping for the right bag is definitely one activity that she could not miss. She definitely prefers those in the sales rack. Some bags are just too expensive to have.

Neutral colors such as black and brown are among the crowd favorite in bags. It does not clash with the other colors in the outfit. It is perfect for corporate use, weddings and other formal occasions. However just like the other accessories, it is available in a variety of hues. If you are feeling adventurous, you can simply collect bright colored bags and match it with a belt or a pair of shoes.

The style of the bag is very important when choosing a hand bag. If you are the typical Girl Scout, it would be best to carry big bulky shoulder bags to store those items. You do want to free you hands while on transit right? So choosing a big one is suitable for your need.

Choosing the right material can help intensify the look. Aside from leather, the use of cotton is gaining popularity among students. There are even transparent bags that can project a chic personality for those who want to incorporate fun in their ensemble.

Simplicity is the key to assembling the perfect look. Choose one item to emphasize and follow through with the rest of the accessories. As for bags, make sure that it will not over power the rest of the outfit. If you are achieving a cleaner look, settling for a classic shoulder bag would be best. However if you are trying to be more adventurous you can try a hobo bag or a cross body bag.

A bag can make a difference. If you are trying to wear something casual and carrying something formal that would work. However if you are trying to wear something formal but carries a casual bag such a hobo bag well you definitely need to work out that attitude. It takes a strong personality to make that work.

The importance of bags in the daily life of women is undeniable. With all that cosmetics, hairbrush, mobile phone, diary and other personal stuff stock in her purse, it is impossible not to have one on hand. Women tend to be so conscious with their looks that they tend to carry the vanity drawer in her hand bag. Amazingly they can fit everything inside their pack. No one knows how they do it but it surely acts like magic.


Must-Have Items In A Woman's Purse

Most women's life motto tends to be, 'Be Prepared.' For most women, a purse is an essential accessory for every outing. Women tend to carry many items with them in their purses. Because there are so many items women can carry, it can often be frustrating trying to find a particular item.

In order to make life much easier, the following is a list of the must-have items a woman should carry in her purse:

Cell Phone: A cell phone is an essential tool to keep in contact with others as well as for emergencies. One never knows when they will have a car break down or if they will need to get into contact with a family member or co-worker quickly. A cell phone provides that needed comfort by knowing that loved ones are only a phone call away.

Make-Up: Women like to be prepared for any event. For instance, after a power lunch with co-workers, a woman will often go to the bathroom to touch up her make up and apply lipstick. Whether it is natural look or added color, women always want to look their best. Lipstick is usually the most used item in a woman's make up kit. Mascara can be easily smeared therefore it is a good idea to keep mascara in the purse.

Mirror: To apply makeup, a woman will need a small mirror that fits easily in her purse.
Applying makeup without using a mirror can be a messy experience. A mirror can also be used to check for food in teeth and the condition of one's hair.

Cash: Having a small amount of cash is important in the event that one has a problem with a credit card or debit card. Cash ensures a woman will not get stuck anywhere without any money. You never know when you may need a taxi or have to pay at a toll booth.

Driver's License: The last thing a woman needs is to get stopped by the police and not have her driver's license. It could be a very expensive experience. Also, a driver's license may be required to show proof of age to get into such places as a night club.

Pen and Paper: Women are well organized and like to make lists. Having a pen and paper in a purse will allow a woman to make any important notes. Also, if you accidentally hit a parked car and the other driver is not around, you can leave a note.

Hand Cream: A woman's hands can get rough and dry during the day, especially with working, running the kids to their scheduled activities, and being exposed to environmental elements. Hand cream keeps hands moist and the skin nourished, smooth, and soft. There are a variety of small hand cream products that will easily fit into a purse.

Tissue: You never know when you are going to sneeze or blow your nose. Having tissue in the purse will prevent any unpleasant messy experiences at work or on a date.

Compact Comb and Brush: No woman wants to walk around with messy hair. Wind can do a lot of damage. A brush and comb can provide a touch up for hair that is a bit messed up.

Tampons: No woman wants to be out for a walk or at work, and find themselves in a situation where they need a tampon. There are small compact tampon carriers available that will fit easily in a purse.

These are essential items that women should carry in their purses. Knowing what items are more important than others will help keep a purse well-organized and allow a woman to find things much more quickly and without difficulty.


A Stylish Clutch Bag For Every Occasion

Stylish clutch bags are a trend these days. To carry a bulky hand bag around is passé. The clutch bags provide an ample opportunity to carry your stuff around. All the little necessities like keys, makeup and other accessories can be kept in it. Apart from this, the womens clutch bags also make you look stylish and help you to achieve the look you aspire to get. A carefully selected clutch bag can help accentuate your look. These clutches are also used as an effective accessory to change your looks. While a sauvé clutch will compliment a sophisticated and sharp look, a glittery clutch can transform the similar look into a relaxed and party style. So, a simple change of a clutch bag can help to achieve a different look every time.
These bags are a most common piece of accessory that is used by the commoners and celebrities alike. It is the 'in' thing to make a style statement. As they are compact, they are easy to hold. The clutches are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, shape and prices. A distinct clutch can always make you the center of attraction at a party.
There are a number of materials that are used to make these clutches. And these are distinguished by their look and feel. Some clutches are appropriate to be used in a certain function only. Let's have a look at that.
The bridal clutch bags:
The brides have a tough task to find a clutch bag to match with their outfit. The type of clutches that go perfectly with their elegant dresses are the ones made up of silk, lace, velvet, sequin and suede. These could be embellished with pearls, crystals or Swarovski. The most commonly preferred shapes are the regular ones with oval, rectangle and heart. The most suitable colors are the pastel shades, ivory, peach, pinks, creams, whites and beige. Rose gold is also a very attractive color to go for.
The evening clutch bags:
Dressing up for a party requires you to look fresh and glamorous. This sort of look can be achieved by adding some bling to the outfit. It can be done by adding a shiny clutch studded with chunky embellishments. The more unique the design, the more glances it will get. For the casual look, you can choose a clutch made in bold and eye catching metallic colors like gold, silver, copper and bronze. Glittery black and electric grey are an eternal favorite. The materials used could be metal, leather, fur, satin etc.
Apart from these, the colors that are making news in the fashion circles these days are the neon shades. The clutches in these shades can be used to bring alive a monochrome dress. Or they can balance out a multicolor look with a block colored clutch.
The office wear clutches:
The envelope clutches, wristlets or the convertible clutches are very practical to be used with the office wear look. They offer space to keep a lot of your stuff. These clutches are easy to carry around in the office and formal meets. They lend sophistication to the office look.
So, we see that there is a variety of clutches available to be matched with your outfits and suiting the occasions.


Make-Up Mirrors

Make up mirrors can range from the home essential vanity mirror with adjustable arm and magnified for more accurate make-up application to the more mobile and practical compact mirror which can easily be slipped into a bag or even pocket and used while on the go, while travelling, or while on a big night out to make little adjustments and final touch ups. Good make up is all in the detail and magnification is the single biggest factor when it comes to applying detailed makeup.

A vanity mirror is usually used on a desk or in the bathroom. While some are free standing mirrors that are designed to be kept on a desk or other surface, there are some that can be fixed to a particular surface for more permanent use. Typically, make up mirrors do not need to be fixed for extra stability because you won't be applying pressure to the mirror while using it.

A flexible arm, on the other hand, can enable you to get exactly the right position from your mirror. This means that you can sit comfortably and in a position that suits you best and allows you to apply make up accurately and smoothly whenever you want to.

Another essential component of good make up mirrors is a magnified side to the mirror itself. This magnification will help you to apply your makeup accurately and in detail ensuring that you don't get any ugly lines or smudges because you will be able to see more clearly. Magnification strengths can vary from two times to five times or more. Realistically, you shouldn't need more than five times magnification from a vanity mirror or two times magnification from a compact mirror.

A compact mirror is a handy little make up mirror that can be placed in your handbag, your purse, the glove box of the car, or the inside pocket in your hand luggage. It is an extremely convenient addition to your personal beauty range and it will enable you to quickly check your makeup and, where necessary, add more of your favourite products to ensure that you continue to look great.


The Tricks for Finding Genuine Designer Handbags

Of all the accessories a woman carries, perhaps nothing catches more attention or is more defining than their purse. That is why many go to incredible lengths to secure genuine designer handbags as a symbol of their fashion, personality, or style. Yet that desire for the perfect purse or handbag has also made locating genuine articles over cheap knock-offs all the more difficult, and many find that the large amounts of cash they spend on brick-and-mortar or online vendors turn out not to be the product they imagine. For this reason, it is important that you take care when searching for the handbag that is right for you. We will detail some steps you can take for finding an online vendor that sells exactly the type of genuine handbags you are looking for.

A number of steps can help you evaluate the quality of the vendor you are considering. None is perhaps more important than reputation: does this vendor have a quality name and has shown to be a reputable seller? This is can be as simple as a seller's rating on eBay to acquiring referrals from friends or even from the vendors themselves. The vendor needs to show that they have not only processed payment and shipping properly in the past, but that the products they deliver are the products you think you are buying.

Another part of a vendor's reputation is their return policy. No reputable online vendor can thrive without a reasonable return policy that allows you to send back products that are either damaged or not as described on the website. Verify through the vendor's website that they will work with you if you are not satisfied with your purchase. An ideal vendor will cover shipping for returns as well.

Also, it may seem obvious, but let's be upfront about it: with designer accessories, you get what you pay for, and you have to pay for what you get. If the price is too good to be true...it's too good to be true. Be prepared to pay a hefty amount of cash, probably over $1000, for the top name-brand handbags. Anything less, and you should be suspicious. Still, if you are searching for a designer handbag through a high-end consignment store, a reasonable deal should be available.

Don't let yourself be taken advantage of.. Keeping these suggestions in mind will help make finding genuine designer handbags simple and safe.


Basic Luxury Wardrobe Items A Woman Should Never Do Without

Even when the economy is in the tank, there are still some basic wardrobe items that a woman should never do without. Yes, she could compromise and buy cheap clothing and accessories, but they won't last nearly as long or give her nearly as much pleasure. Here are some of the basic luxury wardrobe items a woman should never have to do without.

-- A really great pair of black designer pumps: When a woman goes to work, she wants to both look fantastic and be comfortable. Investing in a good pair of designer pumps will help her achieve both goals. Black goes with virtually anything, the pump design is appropriate for either a skirt or slacks, and the supple leather and superior craftsmanship of designer shoes will keep her feet from getting sore. Money well spent.

-- A really great pair of sunglasses: It's ok to spend a little more on great eyewear, especially if they are prescription. Designer sunglasses are more likely to be ergonomically designed to fit better and their quality lenses will do a much better job of reducing glare and repelling UV light. Besides, a woman needs to feel like a movie star every now and again: and there's nothing quite like wearing frames with initials on them!

-- A really great purse: Now, she doesn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer purse, but she should go for good quality nonetheless. Real leather is durable, is always in style, and will look great even when it starts to wear out a bit. Choosing one that is black or brown will help a woman transition easily from season to season: but she should be wary of the size. It's best to get one that is big enough to have adequate storage for everyday use along with plenty of pockets.

-- A really great pair of slippers: At the end of a long day, a woman just wants to kick her shoes off, put on some sweats, and take it easy. Sinking her feet into a wonderful pair of soft slippers will simply drain all of the tension away. Cashmere is a good choice, as is sheepskin or even eelskin. The point is to have something soft caressing the feet instead of pavement!

-- A really great pair of luxury pajamas: No woman is happy unless she has had a good night's sleep. There are wonderful e-merchants on the internet who sell pajamas made from the softest sateen and the highest quality cotton fibers, making bedtime something to look forward to again.

A woman shouldn't compromise on certain wardrobe items, no matter how tough times are. Buying quality luxury items satisfies that inner diva and buying quality also means that these important essentials will last longer.


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